Week 14

Photo taken by me in Australia

Welcome to week 14.

As promised, I said that I would write about other stories and content. Today I’m delivering my first story about someone else.

I have had requests for stories to be shared (which will be at a later date) but I thought I’d start with the story of one of my dear friends.

He will remain anonymous out of respect for his family and friends.

He will be called, HK.

HK grew up on the south side, in a place filled with crime, drugs and poor families.

HK’s family was broken, having his mother leave when he was a child, only having his father who worked full time to raise him. Luckily for HK he had older siblings to help share the load. HK had to grow up fast to take care of himself.

He went to school on the south side, played basketball and even had his own little crew that would run a muck around the town. But it was harmless fun for the most part.

These guys would party hard and get the most of life. Living every day like it was their last. Playing basketball like they were in the finals.
Life was good.

HK got into university and got his degree, a high accomplishment in his family.

HK at this point had re-engaged in contact with his mother and decided to go in between towns to be with both families.

But the south side always brought him back. It had one thing that he couldn’t live without. Heroine.

It was the epitome of all evil but it was his vice. Something he wouldn’t live without.

HK covered the track marks on his body well. Having qualifications in medicine he knew how to care for his body, however, when there is heroine involved you don’t have much room to care for anything else.

His days involved chasing that hit, getting that hit and waking up only to repeat that cycle.

Women would come and go but they would only make his addiction worse.

Eventually HK broke free of the cycle and stayed clean for over a decade.

He met me, ABD, when I was working. We were both interested in each other and exchanged numbers. He could have been the best or the worst thing to have happened to me. But if you have read my story (weeks 1 – 10) you would see that when I saw someone it wasn’t out of love. I did end up loving this man as a friend though.

HK was a poet, a great one at that. He poured his heart and soul into writing only sharing what he would want the world to see.

He worked hard with his father to keep the business running and aside from the end of week drink at the pub he had a lot of time to himself.

HK falls into addiction again but only momentarily as he opts for rehab. He was successful in getting clean again.

The years past and HK longs for the touch of another woman. That’s when she came along. I’ll call her FA.

HK fell for FA hard. So hard that they were constantly in each other’s back pockets. That would usually be something to compliment but FA came with her own baggage. See, she was an addict too.

HK and FA started using together, only making their addiction stronger. Her vice was ice, his heroine. Combine the both and you have a recipe for disaster.

The relationship became toxic, like most relationships built off of addiction.

The heavy arguments, victimizations, then making up and breaking up again only to repeat the cycle with a dash of drugs fueling every aspect.

Love and drugs are a bad combination. Do you really love that person or do you love that they’re a constant when you’re getting a hit?

Moments pass and FA becomes pregnant. A time to celebrate. They both get clean but only for so long.

The baby arrives, what a joy for all. The love for this baby is strong but the fights between the parents gets worse.

One moment it’s love, the next it’s a fight to the death. HK never laid a hand on FA though his words were like acid. Hers the same. Like I said, it was toxic.

Addiction crawls back in and HK finds his safe place with heroine. His true love. He starts to write more poems about addiction and the raw grip it has on him. What is life without heroine?

FA passes away from a prang. It was a shock to HK system. Not only was he fighting the grips of addiction, he also had to raise a baby on his own after losing his lover.

The pain only gets worse.
He writes a painful poem and posts it online.

I reach out to him for support and he provides a kind but closed response.

After that post HK gave himself a hot shot. Death by suicide.

Was it with a heavy heart that he died from losing the mother of his child? Or was life too much to handle trying to raise a child when you can’t even help yourself?

The baby was left to be raised by the family. He will never know his parents.

In loving memory of HK. An addict, a poet, a man I will never forget.

Addiction is a disease to be taken seriously. If you need help, go to your nearest hospital or find treatment programs / rehabs. If you’re not ready for that step, don’t shut people out, find someone to talk to, even if it’s a help line. You’re not alone.
I wish I could have told HK more that he wasn’t alone. I’ll never get that chance to again.

Thanks for reading. See you next week.

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