Week 15

Photo taken by me in Australia

Welcome to week 15.

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions.
On a positive note I have received more stories of others.

This week I’m writing about a young woman by the name of TW.

She’s strong, brave and here to tell her story.

TW had a complicated upbringing with her 5 siblings.

Her mother came from a wealthy family and dumped the kids on their father. The father did the best he could but there’s only so much you can do when you’re jobless and living in housing commission.

TW always got along with her siblings but with her mother coming in and out of her life all the time she never really had a constant.

TW mother had mental health issues. She was a pathological liar and a drug addict, but still managed to get custody of TW just before she became a teenager.

TW was around 12 when she went into her mother’s care. That’s when the drinking, smoking and bongs started. TW was too young to be exposed to anything of the sort let alone actually consuming and smoking anything, and yet she did. It was encouraged by her mother. So much so that it was almost routine to host underage parties for young teens filled with alcohol and drugs.

Seems cool when you’re young, right? To go to parties and become inebriated? Well when you’re skipping school and it affects your quality of life, no it’s not cool…

TW mother had boyfriends come and go. One in particular paid extra attention to TW. At the time TW just thought he was being nice but being nice soon wore off. He was a predator. He would often coerce her into sex. A man 3 times TW age. She was barely shy of the age of 13 and yet had experienced things no one should have to at that age.

With TW attachment issues stemmed from her mother she thought her mother’s boyfriend’s attention was love and that she was giving love back in return.

TW mother caught them and immediately kicked the boyfriend out.

She then explained to TW just how bad his actions were. The police weren’t called but the community were informed. They all kept a watchful eye out for this man but he was never seen again.

TW was left in pieces knowing that a predator had taken full advantage of her. Knowing that she had been through what no one else she knew at her age could go through.

So many emotions yet no way to let it all out. TW begins to indulge heavily into drugs and alcohol. It was nothing for her to smoke a packet of cigarettes a day.

Through her teenage years, TW goes through a string of abusive boyfriends until she falls pregnant. She was so poor that she had to accept donations from the second hand stores and food hampers from local churches. She stayed with her boyfriend because she needed a roof over her head. Other than the roof and the baby, there was no connection between them.

The baby is born, it is a joyous occasion and a time for TW to start over and start a new life for herself and her child.

Slowly TW starts drinking and smoking again. After that she relinquishes the rights to her child and starts using. Speed, eight balls, ice; whatever she could get she would take. She started sleeping with dealers to get a cheaper cut.

TW was malnourished and lost more than half of her body weight.

The drugs had a hold of her, like a tight grip. It was crippling to be sober. Life was too heavy and it was like she was reliving trauma every day.

Ice turned into her drug of choice. It was cheap and she could get her daily dose.

TW became more withdrawn and decided to break the friendships she once knew only to associate with fellow users.

Smoking ice was a thrill. But smoking turned into injecting.

The faster the hit, the better.

Chasing the dragon through a pipe became checking for veins with a syringe.

The days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years.

You eventually get over it.

TW eventually met someone, a recovering addict. He got clean for his kid, she saw him as a role model and decided to follow suit.

Eventually a relationship developed. Both recovering addicts staying clean not just for themselves but for their kids also.

TW and her partner shortly got engaged and have since had one child together with another on the way.

Sometimes life gets shit before it gets better. Just remember you’re still breathing.

Thank you for reading.

If you would like your story featured on my blog please don’t hesitate email or contact via Instagram or Facebook.

You can be anonymous or public, the choice is yours.

See you next week.

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