Week 8

Photo taken by me in Australia Welcome to Week 8. As always, if you are new to my personal blog please start reading from the introduction or week 1 then make your way through. *trigger warning* this week, like the previous weeks contains trauma. Please read at your own risk and contact your local mental... Continue Reading →

Week 7

Photo taken by me in Australia “You cannot heal with the perpetrator that traumatized you”.Ain’t that the truth. Welcome to week 7. I’m sorry if week 6 left you feeling uneasy but this was my life. Actually, I’m sorry if every week has left you feeling this way. I must have been cursed from a... Continue Reading →

Week 6

Photo taken by me in Australia “Fall seven times, stand up eight”. Up to week 6, can’t believe how fast time flies! This is a long read with triggers. Please read at your own risk. If you’re new to reading my blog please take the time to read from week 1 so it all makes... Continue Reading →

Week 5

All photos taken by me in Australia “Broken people blossom into warriors” Welcome to week 5. If you’re new to reading my blog please take the time to read from week 1 so it all makes sense to you. I know the last couple of weeks have been downers but you have to remember, this... Continue Reading →

Week 4

Australia “And just like the moon, we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again”. Today was a pretty rough week. I didn’t completely give away everything in my Instagram and Facebook posts this week but I experienced a great deal of hypomania. That and my dearest friend who I consider family was... Continue Reading →

Week 3

NSW Australia “Your gut feeling is always right – no exceptions”. Last week I said it was going to get heavy and it is. Get ready for a long read. Last week I brought up the topic of bullying because it has been such a huge part of my life. This week I’m bringing you... Continue Reading →

Week 2

“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can hurt you in a different way”. Words hurt. Or at least they used to. Who else has been bullied that is reading this? I bet a great deal of you have at some point. Bullying has followed me from childhood until now and has affected... Continue Reading →

Week 1

QLD Australia - Photo taken by me “Trauma is the most avoided, ignored, denied, misunderstood and untreated cause of human suffering” – Peter Levine. I have suffered a great deal of trauma. I mean if you’ve been abused in every which way possible for 21 years you’re not bound to get out of it unscathed.... Continue Reading →

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