Week 18

Welcome to week 18. It has been a while… Almost 2 months! What a wild 2 months it has been. Today I will be writing about compassion for my abuser. Probably not in the way you’re thinking either. But before that let me recap on the last 2 months. Like I said earlier, it was... Continue Reading →

Week 17

Photo taken by me in Australia Welcome to week 17. As said in my video blog, I apologise for not posting this past week. It’s been pretty rough. White Ribbon Day is coming up soon leaving me quite triggered. My hyper paranoia is next level lately. I guess I’m just anxious about hosting events this... Continue Reading →

Week 15

Welcome to week 15. This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. On a positive note I have received more stories of others. This week I’m writing about a young woman by the name of TW. She’s strong, brave and here to tell her story. TW had a complicated upbringing with her 5 siblings.... Continue Reading →

Week 13

Hi All, Welcome to week 13. If you’re new to my blog and would like to know more about me, read weeks 1 – 10. It covers my history of abuse and more. Or if you just want to read a quick post then this is fine also Nothing is ever easy. Life is hard... Continue Reading →

Week 12

Hi all, Welcome to week 12. I didn't have time to write this week so I thought I would share something I wrote during some of my darker days when I was having break downs last year. Enjoy: "If I lay in silence I can hear the signs A thousand lyrics playing or a message... Continue Reading →

Week 9

“Things end. People change. And you know what? Life goes on.” Welcome to week 9! As usual if you’re new to my blog please start from the introduction which is the very first post. I can’t believe I’ve almost summarised the worst parts of my life over 9 weeks. I’d say it’s only one more... Continue Reading →

Week 8

Photo taken by me in Australia Welcome to Week 8. As always, if you are new to my personal blog please start reading from the introduction or week 1 then make your way through. *trigger warning* this week, like the previous weeks contains trauma. Please read at your own risk and contact your local mental... Continue Reading →

Week 7

Photo taken by me in Australia “You cannot heal with the perpetrator that traumatized you”.Ain’t that the truth. Welcome to week 7. I’m sorry if week 6 left you feeling uneasy but this was my life. Actually, I’m sorry if every week has left you feeling this way. I must have been cursed from a... Continue Reading →

Week 6

Photo taken by me in Australia “Fall seven times, stand up eight”. Up to week 6, can’t believe how fast time flies! This is a long read with triggers. Please read at your own risk. If you’re new to reading my blog please take the time to read from week 1 so it all makes... Continue Reading →

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