Week 18

Welcome to week 18. It has been a while… Almost 2 months! What a wild 2 months it has been. Today I will be writing about compassion for my abuser. Probably not in the way you’re thinking either. But before that let me recap on the last 2 months. Like I said earlier, it was... Continue Reading →

Week 17

Photo taken by me in Australia Welcome to week 17. As said in my video blog, I apologise for not posting this past week. It’s been pretty rough. White Ribbon Day is coming up soon leaving me quite triggered. My hyper paranoia is next level lately. I guess I’m just anxious about hosting events this... Continue Reading →

Week 16

Welcome to week 16! My brain has been scrambled this week so, I’m going to write about it. If you’ve read my story (weeks 1 – 10) then you’ve read about the significant amount of trauma I endured. Now you can read about how my brain has processed this past week. It will probably be... Continue Reading →

Week 11 – My Mental Health

Welcome to week 11 – my mental health. If you have made this this far then you’ve heard my 10-part series on my life story. Or you could be completely new to this so once again, welcome! This week is covering mental health. What is looks like for me and reflection on your own mental... Continue Reading →

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